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PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building

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Hello Antoni This hotel accommodation tent is perfect. The sound insulation of the walls are very good, we can't hear the sound of other animals in the jungle at night, so we will have a good sleep.

—— Aaron

Hello Antoni, Thank you very much for your cooperation. Due to the impact of the epidemic, we delayed the delivery time. The previous samples have been installed and are very beautiful. Looking forward to the next cooperation. Smith

—— Smith

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PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building

PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building
PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building
PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building

Large Image :  PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: Ruibo
Certification: MCB01-110420015
Model Number: GY-0020
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 28 square meters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Membrane roof cover packed in double professional PVC membrane
Delivery Time: 35~45 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 square meters/month

PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building

Membrane Material: PVDF Membrane Application: Resort/Villa
Color: Customized Layers: Double
Inner Fabric: 850 G PVC Membrane Withstand Temperature: -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Area: Min 28 Square Meters Walls: Calcium Silicate Board Walls
High Light:

Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent


PTFE Four Seasons Tent

Prefabricated PVDF Tensioned Membrane Materials Four Seasons Tent Hotel Building



A tent is a short-lived home for travelers; a tent is a natural returnee. Listen, worms, birds, cicada noises, frogs croak, wind blowing and falling leaves... The desire to travel back to basics has made "wild luxury hotels" gradually popular all over the world, and "tent hotels" located in the mountains and wilds are one of the representatives. One. Guangzhou Ruibo Tent Hotel is simple and clean standing among the pine forests. It consists of 17 tents. The woods between the tents and tents serve as natural barriers, which are private and quiet. Here, tea gardens, landscapes, romantic bamboo forests and exotic tents are blended, allowing residents to experience a different kind of tranquility in the countryside and the singing of birds and insects, and experience a lifestyle of staying away from dust and embracing nature.


The designer uses the elements of "bamboo, mountain, tea" to connect the design ideas, with the theme of simplicity, warmth, freshness and nature, and makes full use of the unique elements of the valley to create a space full of romance and wild luxury. With 17 tents, white domes, and streamlined canvas roofs suspended from the middle, they are particularly eye-catching in the green valley, as if they were camping in it. Of course, as an externally operated mountain hostel, the designer has set three types of apartments, two persons (32.2㎡), three persons (49.9㎡) and 2 to 4 persons (108㎡) to meet the accommodation needs of different customers as much as possible . These small tents can be said to be "complete with all internal organs". The roof of each room is composed of three layers of materials, which have good sound insulation and heat insulation effects.


The overall tone of the hotel is based on the earth color, plus the embellishment of bright colors and metallic colors, making the entire space line tough. The shape of the furniture is mainly simple, which can not only highlight the design style, but also show the individuality. Lamps and accessories are mainly stable, with bright colors, so that the space does not look too dull. There is a full glass window on the south-facing side of each tent in the hotel, which can get the widest view of the landscape. In the 17 tents, each has its own taste, the unique combination of colors, furniture and decorations, under the sunlight, shape the temperature of different residences, which are suitable for heating and cooling.

The hotel also pays great attention to the creation of ecology and romance, allowing you to enjoy the super five-star material pleasure while enjoying the wilderness and watching the sunset and sunrise in the mountains. The warm wooden floor, coupled with simple and refined soft fittings, convey the designer's perception of art and "luxury wild". The simple wooden furniture is used in it. The state of being born in the wild and settled in the house is endless life and another way of life.


In the early morning, the white curtains were gently fluttered by the wind. When the curtains were opened, a gentle breeze swept across the face. The air in the house became fresh and pleasant, and everything was so quiet. A white tent between the mountains looks like a fairy in the woods. When night falls, the wonderful night here has just begun!

The composition of the hotel tent

1.Roof Cover:

The top of the house is made of PVDF architectural membrane material with strong tensile properties. The weight of the PVDF membrane used herein is typically 1050 grams. We can make roofs of various shapes according to customer requirements, such as quadrilateral, hexagon, one vertex, two vertices, four vertices and so on.



The frame of the hotel tent is made up of steel. Our steel structure has two anti-corrosion treatment processes. One is the commonly used double-protective paint. The steel structure is first derusted, then the first layer of epoxy zinc-rich primer is applied first, and finally the top coat is brushed. The other is to adopt a hot-dip galvanizing process. If the project site is close to the sea or in an acidic and alkaline environment, hot-dip galvanizing is necessary.



Since the roof is made of a wall with a strong tensile strength, its tension can reach 800 Newtons, so the frame of the house must be supported by a strong steel structure. Depending on the application site of the house, the steel structure will be treated differently. If the membrane structure hotel tent is built on the beach, the steel structure skeleton must be treated with hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment because the house is in a very salty environment. If it is built on a mountain, it can be done with double protective paint.



There are many types of decks, and we usually use plastic wood flooring and steel frame support, because the wood flooring can be exposed to the sun for a long time, no matter how strong the light, it will not crack or deform, more The important thing is that it will not fade after a long period of rain, which is why we choose them.


PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building 0PVDF Tensioned Membrane Four Seasons Tent For Hotel Building 1

Advantages of hotel tents


Flexible and convenient, ecological and environmental protection


In some terrain where it is not easy to build permanent structures, such as hillsides, jungles, beaches, rivers and lakes. Due to the modular assembly structure of the hotel tent, it can be easily and quickly constructed in most sensitive areas of the natural environment. During the construction process, the surrounding natural environment is rarely excavated and destroyed, and can be better integrated into the ecological environment.



Construction is fast, safe and stable


The hotel tent uses a modular steel-wood frame, which can be used safely and stably in different terrains. The tent can adapt to the temperature range of -30° to 70°, and can withstand the wind speed of 80-120km/h in the outdoor environment, bringing rain and snow. The eco-roof is made of ultra-light PVC, PVDF, PTFE and other materials, with good waterproof, UV resistance, tear resistance, and B1/M2 fire resistance. Most hotel tent manufacturing processes are completed at the factory, which can reduce construction time.



Ingenious, luxurious and comfortable


The tent hotel uses a membrane structure as the roof. The membrane structure is based on modeling and color science. Combining the natural environment, ethnic customs and human geography, according to the creativity of the architect, it has established curves and shapes that are difficult to achieve in traditional buildings. This beautiful and unique tent hotel is full of fashion charm and blends with nature. The interior of the tent is decorated with bedrooms, bathrooms, seating areas and other areas. Tent cabins provide luxurious furniture, comfortable floors, smart lighting and other facilities. You can experience a comfortable five-star hotel in the wild.



Durable life and low maintenance cost


The tent cabin is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. It is equipped with high-strength, completely waterproof PVC or PVDF fabric membrane to ensure product life and reduce maintenance intervals.



Our service

  1. Design                                                                                                                                                                                            Guangzhou Ruibo uses the latest tensile structure design software to produce                                                                                  Detailed tensile structure design.                                                                                                                                                  Contain:
    BIM model design (building information model),
    Lookup and load analysis, integrated architectural design,
    Joint force analysis, membrane cutting analysis,
    Construction process simulation, numerical wind tunnel simulation
  2. Membrane manufacturing
    Film manufacture plays an important role in the tensile structure.
    There are many fabrics (PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE) on the market, they come from all over the world, they have different characteristics and prices, different welding or joining technology. We will make the best choices from structural design, project location and customer budget.
  3. Steel manufacturing
    The tensile structure is made of welded steel structural members
    And painted in our factory.
    We will perform the following procedures to a high standard:
    Paint thickness detection, ultrasonic testing,
    Magnetic particle testing, high strength bolt torque testing,
    Cable pre-tensioning, rust removal,
    Pre-assembly inspection, painting, etc.
  4. Wire rope manufacturing
    Wire ropes and hardware are sourced from the most reliable and certified industry suppliers that meet international quality standards.
    Wire rope manufacturing is carried out under the guidance of our skilled and experienced experts.
  5. Installation
        The installation of the tension structure is critical to overall success.
    For project.
        We will provide on-site installation services. Our project manager will work and coordinate with the client.
    Structure of the installation. Includes steel construction, membrane lift and tension measurement. If you prefer self
    Line installation, we will send you detailed instructions so that it can be easily installed.
  6. Future
        Our service will not end at the time of delivery and installation!
        Because we only use the highest quality film materials and steel frames, wire ropes and parts. You can rest assured that your new stretch structure is built to last. In addition, the stretch structure does not require much maintenance and we offer a one year warranty.


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