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company news about How to install the membrane structure parking shed?

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Company News
How to install the membrane structure parking shed?
Latest company news about How to install the membrane structure parking shed?

  Guangzhou Ruibo Membrane Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. has been engaged in all kinds of tensile membrane shading structures and all kinds of luxury hotel tents. We provide design, customization, production, and installation services.


   Membrane structure parking shed is a new type of building, widely used in various public places, basically we can see it everywhere. With the development of the city, the membrane structure carport has become particularly important. Many people want to know how it is operated and installed? Today I will share with you the installation method of the membrane structure carport.


   membrane structure carport membrane body installation includes four parts: membrane body unfolding, connecting and fixing, hoisting in place and stretching forming.


(1) Before unfolding the membrane body of the membrane structure carport, lay a temporary cloth on the platform to protect the membrane material from damage and clean the membrane material, and unfold the membrane body strictly in a determined order. Before opening the package, check the mark on the package, confirm the installation position, and unfold it in the direction of the mark, try to avoid moving the unfolded film in the field.


(2) Before the membrane surface is unfolded, the fastened splints should be installed first. The spacing of the splints should not be greater than 2m. Adjust the spacing between the centers of the splints according to the span of the membrane structure. The bolts and nuts of the splints must be tightened in place. For the membrane body that is hoisted in place at one time, the splint bolts and nuts must also be tightened in place at one time.


(3) At present, the hoisting of cable-membrane structures mostly applies the multi-point integral lifting method, which is to transform the mature overall "lifting" technology for the construction process of flexible structures such as cable-membrane structures. The process requires that the entire process must be synchronized. . During the lifting process, the lifting speed and distance of each lifting point are controlled to ensure uniform force transmission on the membrane surface.


The membrane structure carport can also be hoisted in blocks. The membrane body is divided into several work blocks according to the plane position. Each membrane body also adopts multi-point integral hoisting technology, and the whole hoisting is in place. If the overall upgrading technology is adopted, more equipment and personnel are required to be invested, and the construction preparation period is longer. The whole film body is divided into 5 working blocks by the block hoisting method, the first and the second, the third and the fourth, the fifth and the sixth, the seventh and the eighth, the ninth The 7 lifting points of the film body of each work block are lifted at the same time for the film and the 10th film. After all the membrane bodies have reached the design height, the various work blocks are connected together in the air, which has obvious advantages. During the entire installation process, special attention should be paid to prevent the membrane body from shaking excessively under the action of wind load.


(4) Tension forming is an important part of the construction of the entire membrane structure. Whether the construction project can achieve results depends on whether the tension meets the design requirements. When the supporting structure is a rigid boundary, the application of prestress must be implemented through a special structure. For the flexible boundary, the pre-stress can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the strut. In the tension cable membrane structure, the tension prestress of the membrane material is provided by the cable. The entire tensioning process is actually to tension the various cables in place according to the predetermined stress. When tensioning, the sequence and value of the batch tension should be determined, the tensioning speed should be controlled, and the super tension value should be determined according to the characteristics of the material. The tensioning process can be to adjust the prestress of the cable in batches and grades, and gradually tension to reach the design value; it can also implement synchronous tensioning on the whole. Construction records should be made for tension values ​​with control requirements, and tension stroke records should also be made for those without control requirements

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